IACME is an independent Irish professional learning company based in Dublin, established by HealthCare Professionals to support and enhance Continuing Professional Development in the HealthCare and Pharmaceutical sectors. Our founders have extensive experience in the HealthCare sector and, in whatever area they have worked, they constantly found themselves drawn to, or called on to be responsible for Education and Training even in advance of mandatory requirements. Recognising future requirements, they gained certification in Online and Distance Learning to add to their own expertise and set up IACME.

Initially focused in the area of on-line Continuing Medical Education (CME), we now cater for all HealthCare Professionals and have expanded from the concept of CME to Continuing Professional Development in line with the direction of professional bodies. Our Learning and Development Resources are applicable internationally.

At the time it was established, IACME was very fortunate to have the support of expert educationalists and accredited CPD provider in the US, the American Academy of CME, who have been a great source of inspiration and expertise in establishing IACME and in influencing its policies and procedures.

IACME works with individual HealthCare Professionals, experts and advisors to develop, deliver and approve content as appropriate.

We work with a range of specialist technology and media experts as necessary in order to help deliver our educational programmes.

We will also work with external accreditation bodies in Ireland and Europe in order to obtain external accreditation of our courses when necessary or appropriate.

Some of our milestones to date include being the first independent Irish company to achieve pan-European approval for an online CME resource for doctors; EPASS (RCGP Scotland) accreditation of CPD modules based on the HPRA Drug Safety Newsletter; Final in the Biomnis Innovation awards; IIOP Accreditation of a number of Online and Face to Face modules.

IACME is primarily focused on developing and delivering e-learning solutions but also provides Face to Face learning events when appropriate.

Our work programmes are focused in two key areas:


CPD plays a major role in Competence Assurance for HealthCare Professions worldwide. Mandatory participation in CPD is common in many countries and is imminent in more. This places significant demands on HealthCare Professionals with consequential considerable time commitment.

IACME is committed to developing a programme of accredited (where appropriate) and unaccredited activities that meets the requirements of Competence Assurance and the needs of HealthCare Professionals. Our Vision is to enhance competence and patient care by providing a world class learning resource, allowing you to tailor CPD to your needs.


With considerable experience within the pharmaceutical industry, IACME is well placed to develop and deliver training solutions for employees in this sector. This includes the following sectors: distribution, quality assurance, medical, regulatory, clinical research, sales and marketing.

IACME can work with individual organisations to:

Identify learning needs (“gap analysis”)

Design appropriate training solutions (“instructional design”)

Design appropriate training solutionsDevelop content for training programmes (“content development”)

Conduct assessment of learning (“learning assessment”)

Support trainees throughout training

SuProvide a dedicated online learning environment for your organisation.


Morgan O’Connell, Technical Director

Pharmacist and e-learning professional, Morgan has vast experience in industry (API manufacture, Pharma Product Development, Distribution, QP, RP) and hospital pharmacy (at Chief Pharmacist level).

Morgan was co-founder and first Chairperson of the TIP (Technical Industrial Pharmacists) – the first group set up to cater for CPD aimed at Pharmacists working in the industry. TIP was a forerunner to the current PIER group. He was co-editor of, and contributor to, two editions of a Pre-Registration training manual for Industrial Pharmacists.

Dr. Caroline Waldron, Programme Director

Pharmacist and e-learning professional, Caroline has held several senior roles (medical/corporate governance/general management) within the pharmaceutical industry – including Head of Medical at both GlaxoWelcome and AstraZeneca), and governmental agency (HIQA) and has extensive experience in training and education within the pharmaceutical industry.

Caroline also has long experience in the Community and Hospital Pharmacy sectors. She was co-editor of two editions of a Pre-Registration training manual for Industrial Pharmacists.